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11 Fun PowerPoint Presentation Ideas

Why so serious? Liven up your next PowerPoint by incorporating some of these fun presentation ideas. Your audience will thank you for...

10 Free PowerPoint Resources

Check out our infographic '10 Free PowerPoint Resources That Will Improve Your Presentations' Make your next presentation your best yet...

Presentation Design Trends for 2017

What happens in the design world filters through to the PowerPoint presentation design world. Earn cool points by incorporating these trends into...

What is PowerPoint Designer?

You create the content, Designer creates the layout. At least that’s the theory. But does Microsoft’s presentation software pass...

What to Look For in a PowerPoint Company

If you’re thinking of enlisting the services of a PowerPoint company, choose one that meets the following criteria. You can outsource everything...

The Business Presentation Design Cheat Sheet

Working on a crucial business presentation design? Don’t hit print until you’ve checked off every item on our comprehensive cheat sheet. When...

What to Wear When Giving a Presentation

How you dress can be just as important as what you say. With your fashion on fleek, your audience will be free to focus on what really...

Three PowerPoint Presentation Design Rules You Can Break

Learn these PowerPoint presentation design rules. Then learn the occasions when you can break them. When it comes to PowerPoint presentation...

How to Start a Corporate Presentation Design

Corporate presentation design doesn’t have to be boring. Here are five tips for starting a business presentation that stands out for all the right...

Sway vs PowerPoint: What’s the difference?

Sway: Microsoft Office presentation software. PowerPoint: Microsoft Office presentation software. So what’s the difference? You’re watching...

How to Use Public Speaking Mistakes to Your Advantage

Snatching Victory From The Jaws of Defeat Mistakes happen. When they do, don’t cringe – capitalise on them. It’ll make your public speaking...

Prezi vs PowerPoint: Which Software is Best?

It’s a battle of the slideshow software as we pit Microsoft’s PowerPoint against its presentation rival Prezi. Batman vs Superman. Freddie vs...

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