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PowerPoint 2010 & 2016 – What’s the Difference?

Six years is a long time in software development. PowerPoint 2016 contains a raft of improvements over its predecessors. Can you spot what’s...

Buffalo 7 at Yorkshire’s Biggest B2B Exhibition

On Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th May, at Royal Armouries in Leeds, we showcased examples of our recent presentations at the Buy...

Five Things You Should Never Do in a PowerPoint Presentation (Ever)

Some rules are made to be broken but these five are inviolable. For the sake of your PowerPoint presentations and your credibility, don’t ever do...

How Many Slides For Your PowerPoint Presentation

How many slides is too many slides for your presentation and how many is just right? All the answers you need to this age-old PowerPoint question are...

How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation on iPad

Make the most of your commute or long-haul flight by putting your iPad to work. Follow these tips to create a great PowerPoint presentation on your...

Five Incredible Sources of PowerPoint Design Inspiration

Don’t just wait for inspiration: go out there and grab it, borrowing the best ideas from the web and adapting them to fit your...

Choosing PowerPoint Transitions

Slide transitions matter. Choose them wisely to enhance your presentation without overdoing it. In football, you can tell when the referee’s had...

How to Storyboard a PowerPoint Presentation

Before you start on your first slide, grab a pencil and get storyboarding. Perfect planning is the key to a perfect presentation, one that’s...

Free Icons For PowerPoint Presentations

Add a dash of flair to your next PowerPoint presentation by using icons. They’ll enhance your message, bolster your branding and add loads of style...

10 of the Best PowerPoint Plugins

Spice up your presentation and add functionality with these cool plugins. They’ll impress your audience, boss and anyone else who appreciates a...

Press Release: UK Companies are not Prepared for Pitching

UK companies are not properly prepared to win new business pitches, a new survey of marketing professionals has found. Not only do many companies not...

How to Structure a PowerPoint Presentation

In a world without order, chaos is king. If you’re planning a PowerPoint presentation, here’s how to structure it like a pro. If you’ve been...

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