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How to Create an Awesome Product Presentation

The best product managers treat the product as their baby: they’re incredibly committed to its success, taking ownership of its roadmap and all...

Working with .EPS Files in PowerPoint

Microsoft have disabled this functionality as of April 2017. Read this to learn how to use vector graphics in PowerPoint. A lot of people we speak...

How to Get the Most from Your Images in PowerPoint

If you want your PowerPoint presentation design to grab the audience’s attention and deliver your messaging in an impactful way, you’ve probably...

How to Nail Your Interview Presentation

We know how it can feel. You open your email and feel a rush of exultation at the fact you’ve been invited to an interview. Then as you scroll...

Our Presentation Design Expert on Zoom for PowerPoint

Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription model means that they can now roll out new features to users as soon as they’re ready – meaning you no...

10 Business Presentation Tips for Increasing Sales

  Whether crafting the perfect sales pitch or presenting your company’s product to a potential client, delivering a high-quality business...

6 Presentation Myths Busted

When you’re preparing for a big presentation, it can suddenly feel like colleagues, friends and family members are all playing public speaking...

The Best PowerPoint Shortcuts

Taking a few minutes to memorise PowerPoint shortcuts for the functions you use most can prove a huge boon to your productivity. Learning them will...

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